1. Select a category

It is very important to define the category in which you want to register your work, select one of the options on the form.

2. Choose a title for your work

You must fill the text field corresponding to the title or name of your creation.

3. Choose a file from your device

Choose the file you want to record from your device. (Supported files include .PDF, .JPEG, .WAV, MP3, and .MP4). A unique encrypted file ID of your work will be generated immediately.

4. Enter the participants and their roles

Enter participants information for each file. (Include the role of the participants, the name of the creator, the country of origin and the national identification number). You can add as many participants as you like.

5. Review and submit

Be sure to check that all data is correct, you can go back and edit any incorrect information. When you're ready, click "Submit".