Backup your files

The File Unique ID with the information of the participants and the title of the work is stored and archived with a time stamp * in a large decentralized and immutable computer network called Blockchain (read more about blockchain).

For your privacy, does not store the file you used to generate the FUID. Without the original file used for registration you will not be able to prove your authorship later, so we recommend the following:

1) Save it to a hardware storage

2) Save it to at least 2 clouds, for example: OneDrive, Mega, Google Drive or any cloud of your choice.


A temporary stamp, also known as a timestamp, is a sequence of characters that denote the time and date (or one of them) in which a certain event occurred.

This information is usually presented in a consistent format, allowing for easy comparison between two different records and tracking of progress over time; the practice of recording timestamps consistently across current data is called timestamping.

Flags are generally used in event tracking; each event is assigned a timestamp.