The brand manual aims to clarify doubts about how to apply the brand in different graphic projects. To do this, information on brand composition, its uses, corporate colors, bonding care, fonts and more is detailed below. The correct use of this visual identity manual allows to adequately resolve the application of the brand in various contexts and graphic pieces.


The typographic element uses a solid, clear and clean typeface that consists of the word "enotar" in a solid color and continuously the word ".io" with a heavier font and color gradient.

Logo PNG aquí:

Logo (1).png

Logo versión blanco PNG:

enotario logo blanco.png


A blue color scheme is used that convey a sense of seriousness and transparency. All belonging to the same color scheme.


Poppins is the font selected for the logo and is also used for titles. It should also be used in main titles. Its thickness provides presence and its design is characteristic. For long texts, the use of Roboto is recommended since it is very minimalist, which makes reading easier and makes the eyes rest.


You can embed the stamp in your work and thus show your followers that you are protected against plagiarism in

Sello enotario version color 2.png
Sello enotario version color 3.png
Sello enotario version color 1.png
Sello enotario version clara 3.png
Sello enotario version clara 2.png
Sello enotario version clara 1.png