Blockchain and security

Why is secure?

Blockchain technology allows us to store information that can never be lost, modified or deleted.

In this way, we can think of as a scribe. A means to certify and validate any type of information. A reliable, decentralized registry, resistant to data manipulation, and where everything is recorded.

Being a distributed technology, where each network node stores an exact copy of the chain, the availability of information is guaranteed at all times. In the event that an attacker wants to cause a denial of service, he should disable all the nodes of the network, since it is enough for at least one to be operational for the information to be available.

In addition, each network node uses certificates and digital signatures to verify the information and validate the data stored in the Blockchain, which ensures the authenticity of said information.

On the other hand, as it is a consensual registry, where all the nodes contain the same information, it is almost impossible to alter it, ensuring its integrity.

Lastly, since each block is mathematically linked to the next block, once a new one is added to the chain, it becomes unalterable. If a block modifies its relationship with the chain, it is broken. In other words, all the information recorded in the blocks is immutable and perpetual.

As new records are created, they are first verified and validated by network nodes and then added to a new block that is linked to the chain.